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In reality, though, no one seemed to know what had happened to the two pilots. Part 3: Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman Comments, 12/30/2004 — September 12, 1952: America’s “Secret War”? Search planes covered the overwater flight route of the missing plane yesterday,but were hampered by poor weather. The ROV footage is much more telling. Well, as much as we could. Whether they achieved this or not – as outlandish as it sounds – is still open to debate, as their plane nor either of their bodies was ever found. A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37-Years. Then, on the afternoon of the 11th November, the two men would rent a small plane at Gardina County Airport just outside of Los Angeles. They simply vanished into thin air. Here Is What Happened...If you're new, Subscribe! When it was ready to work again, it was too late to resume the minesweeper search, so they took a run at the last known coordinates of the Kinross F-89 that was also off Keweenaw Peninsula. The story is ultimately – and likely correctly – thought to be a hoax. No. Just What Did Happen To Tom Preziose? But the Canadian government is very restrictive. We don’t know. Something From Another World Or Something “Uncle Sam” Is Experimenting With? However, what the young pilot was ordered to intercept very much is. We are divers and scientists. Originally in 2005, what the company was searching for were two Canadian-French minesweepers that sank off the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. We would supply the coordinates to the appropriate agencies who might want to recover their officers. The plane had actually overflown its target and ended up North Africa where the crew parachuted to the ground and walked a 100 miles eventually perishing from thirst and heat. Yeah. However, neither the American or Canadian Air Forces were particularly forthcoming regarding the find. And the two pilots. It’s wide open for rampant speculation at this point without further analysis. For example, he would highlight how the two pilots had no memorial performed in their honor as every member of the military who dies during active duty would do. Might this be such an example? This region of the upper Michigan area borders Canada, and as such, is strictly restricted air space. ABOUT THE ISSUE OF THE F-89 NOT LOOKING LIKE IT HAD FALLEN FROM 7,000 FEET, IT REMINDS ME OF THE FAMOUS MANTELL CASE OVER KENTUCKY IN WHICH THEY FOUND THAT PLANE BROKEN UP WITH THOUSANDS OF LITTLE HOLES IN IT. Amazing new photos have been released by The Great Lakes Dive Company concerning their discovery of the famous Kinross F-89 Scorpion jet fighter that disappeared over Lake Superior on November 23, 1953. Just what that “something extraordinary” might prove to be is still very much open to debate. Two newspaper reporters battle a plot by the evil Dr. Grood to conquer the world. I never saw anything. There are some records in the form of official telexes to suggest that some plane wreckage was recovered in the immediate region in Beaver Lake – a small stretch of water nearby – in April 1953. Several of us jumped up and said, ‘What is that? For people who don’t know a lot about sonar equipment, most sonar equipment is very narrow. It is, however, unclear if this wreckage was of the missing Beach 35 aircraft. Nine minutes ticked by. : 1878 - 1954), Tue 3 Mar 1953, Page 4 - N.G. Well, this shape does appear to match with the mark on the object. They might say it’s a piece of their military hardware. So, any kind of recovery effort that’s done legally would have to be done through the Canadian government, unless the U.S. government could prove the (unknown) object is their property, which I have no idea. The author does not own the rights to this content. Subscribe to our free newsletter and join our subscribers. IF THIS ROUND OBJECT TURNS OUT TO FALL INTO THE CATEGORY OF A SILVER DISC AS WAS PHOTOGRAPHED SO MANY TIMES IN THE 1940S, 1950S, THE 1960S – WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE THE NEXT STEP AS FAR AS YOU BEING ABLE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT RETRIEVING IT? The funds required exceeded the state’s capabilities, and thus, in 1881 the locks were transferred to the United States government, and were placed under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. [ Editor’s Note from U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit, Michigan District: “The world-famous Soo Locks form a passage for deep-draft ships around the rapids in the St. Marys River. Just what happened to the Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson? Part 2: USAF Starfire Disappeared Over Gulf of Mexico, 12/28/2004 — Part 22: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 12/22/2004 — Part 2: “Reasons Why U.S. Government CAN’T Release Truth About UFOs!” with Canadian Researcher, Grant Cameron, 12/22/2004 — Part 1: “Reasons Why U.S. Government CAN’T Release Truth About UFOs!” with Canadian Researcher, Grant Cameron, 12/19/2004 — Part 21: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield. After all, there is no monetary return for submitting such reports. IN THE ORIGINAL STORY THAT WAS RELEASED FROM THE AIR FORCE AND MEDIA AT THE TIME (IN 1953), THE AIR FORCE SAID THAT THERE WAS AN OBJECT IDENTIFIED AS A UFO TRAVELING OVER 500 MPH, THAT THE F-89 WAS RACING TOWARD OUT ACROSS WHITE FISH BAY. The search would continue right through the night and into the following day. This female pilot disappeared along with her plane somewhere above the centre of Pacific Ocean and was never found again. By publishing these accounts, UFO Insight does not take responsibility for the integrity of them. Just as frightening as the Mantell incident, though more bizarre and less publicized, was a fatal encounter that occurred on November 23, 1953, over Lake Superior.That evening, as Air Defense Command radar tracked an unidentified target moving at 500 miles per hour over the lake, an F-89C all-weather jet interceptor from Kinross AFB took off in hot pursuit. The claims from Jimenez and the Great Lakes Dive Company was that this was the UFO that caused the apparent crash over the water of Lake Superior. If there is any truth whatsoever in the claims that Moncla’s deep-southern accent was audible over the communications radio hours after the Air Force claimed he had disappeared how was such audio kept from the other members of the search effort? Now, who knows what else is underneath? Then, it appeared the F-89 was finally closing in. Then the Lackland Air Force script stated: “The question now is not ‘IF?,’ but ‘WHY?’ and ‘WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?’ All sightings mentioned are authenticated as described in this broadcast. At 6:22 p.m. on November 23 1953, an F-89 Scorpion jet was scrambled from Kinross Air Force Base near the Michigan Soo to intercept an unidentified object detected in … There weren’t any wrecks in the immediate area, so it’s a lot of plain, flat lake bottom. This, incidentally, was not only completely false, but no such permission was requested. II: High Strangeness in the Earthfiles Shop. If you've seen print ads used in set decoration for TV shows or films, you've likely seen our ads. Back up!’ We went back. And there’s been some suggestion by the team to utilize what they call a high-pressure wash system on the ROV, which basically generates a stream of water capable of dusting the silt off things. It’s 212 feet away, actually. Our latest book, History’s Most Bizarre, Outlandish, And Controversial UFO And Alien Encounters contains over 60 encounters. Does this, then, suggest that the UFO that evening was indeed one of alien origin. Notes and details from the Hunrath And Wilkinson UFO Incident. However, constant trouble by Wilson to accurately read the radar readings would mean that radar operators in the control tower on the ground would relay information to Moncla during much of the flight. The wreckage was spotted soon after the heavy transport plane vanished Nov. 22, 1952, with 41 passengers and 11 crew members, but it became buried … Quite Obvious That Something Extraordinary Occurred. We thought radiation at first because it was almost a mimic of – if you’ve ever had a cellular phone turned on next to a computer monitor and get a phone call, you’ll see a distortion in the monitor. No trace was ever found of the missing men, F-89 or the UFO.’ THAT’S A QUOTE FROM A REPORT. Back then, the most prominent investigator of government information about UFOs was Major Donald Keyhoe, U. S. Marine Corps, and former Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, also known as NICAP. With three passengers, the flight was scheduled to travel to Toronto to witness a Grey Cup game. Shortly after they took off from their refueling stop, the plane along with Jake and the three passengers simply disappeared from the radar screens. It would not distort. But when we would drag the sonar fish over that particular location of the object, we would get a visual distortion in one of the corners of the search grid. Reported and Edited by Linda Moulton Howe. ONE OF THE QUOTES FROM THAT PERIOD OF TIME WAS FROM THE AIR FORCE: ‘The blip apparently just swallowed the F-89. Exposed, right. A depiction of a UFO over a small airplane. If that was the case, why was their plane also gone? Maybe we should ask ourselves, what if the contact between Hunrath and Wilkinson and these apparent cosmic visitors was genuine, only their intentions were not as advertised to the two men. The images themselves, however, were generally thought to be genuine pictures. The entire article and the contents within are published by, wholly-owned and copyright of UFO Insight. Perhaps we are seeing the bottom of whatever that is. In August 2006 it appeared there was reason for quiet excitement concerning the case when an apparent e-mail sourcing an apparent overlooked Associated Press story regarding the recovery of an F-89 jet plane. This would continue for around half an hour. Or nearby and just buried under mud we can’t see. You can view those pictures above and below. Regardless of what happened, it is Buddy’s belief that his cousin “saw something” – just as the official records of the radar corroborates. It discusses this intriguing incident in a little more detail. Perhaps that he was barely past his 27th birthday at the time of the incident adds even more tragedy to the already harrowing affair. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. THAT WING FROM THE F-89 MIGHT STILL BE THERE UNDER THE BOTTOM MUD, OR IT MIGHT BE UNDER THAT OBJECT? Heath is just one of several researchers who genuinely believe that the Kinross Incident has more secrets to divulge. Your email address will not be published. Perhaps amazingly, however, there is still some who believe there might be something in them. However, given everything we have spoken of, both in this article and in several others on the subject of disinformation within the UFO community, we would be irresponsible not to mention it here. and go to their missingkids website and look at the pictures of missing children- YOU can make a difference. IF IT REALLY IS A SILVER DISC IN THE UFO CATEGORY, WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS NEXT? THIS RAISES THE QUESETION ABOUT THE INTERACTION WITH THE UFO ACTIVITY – THERE ARE ALLEGEDLY BEAMS OR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS THAT MIGHT PLACE A PLANE DOWN IN THE BOTTOM OF WATER WITHOUT THE PLANE ACTUALLY FALLING. The jet would do likewise, engaging in a cat and mouse chase, assisted by the radar operator at the control tower. Adam told me that the company under which he and Bessette have operated, Great Lakes Dive Company, would be moving and not be settled until some time in October 2006. Of course, the F-89 remains the U. S. Air Force property, which is fully understandable. We did not notice the (unknown) object at first until we began a detailed scan – what we call a high-resolution scan of the area – basically trying to find the wing and any other missing part we could find. Your email address will not be published. But that’s just the exposed portion. Major Keyhoe wrote five books, beginning in 1950 with The Flying Saucers Are Real – which was published only three years after the famous Roswell disc crash headlines that the government tried to turn into a weather balloon. "First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla, Jr. was a United States Air Force pilot who mysteriously disappeared while pursuing an unidentified flying object over Lake Superior in 1953. On the night of Nov. 23, 1953, Moncla and Wilson were instructed to fly their Northrup F-89C jet aircraft to identify a large unidentified craft flying over restricted airspace at … Amelia Earhart’s Plane. At one point the radar images of the plane and the object appeared to merge and then they disappeared. Was this, as in a scene in the 1940s film Destination Tokyo where the pilots were asked to leave their ID papers behind as they would have to land their planes in China following a mission to Tokyo, meaning there was a good chance that they may not return alive. Was the pilot flying through the skies of Michigan? He has been writing and researching with over 20 years experience. Absolutely. The wreckage we found would certainly not suggest that the plane fell from an altitude of 7,000 feet. According to the aforementioned US Air Force records, the object was last confirmed at 8,000 feet and around 70 miles from Keweenaw Point. We just don’t know. Firstly, is it possible that the Battle Creek witness is simply manufacturing the truth for their own entertainment? Claim: A missing airliner (Santiago Flight 513) mysteriously landed 35 years later with a cockpit and passenger cabin full of skeletons. Connection To The 1952 “F. Mid-Air Collision? Anything to give us a clue that this was an F-89 and not perhaps some other airplane. © 1998 - 2020 by Linda Moulton Howe.All Rights Reserved. Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet. The above are all purely speculative thoughts and suggestions. With full details, that official USAF script then showed how radar operators had picked up the blip of an unknown object over the Soo Locks near Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. As Heath says of the apparent Battle Creek witness, there is nothing to corroborate his account, but it does have the feeling of “being important”. This one (unknown circular object) does not give a reading on the magnetometer. Or might there be a little more to the Great Lakes Dive Company? Might it be, then, that such information, misleading as it potentially is, was purposely uploaded by the powers that be in order to muddy the waters a little more. And the notion that Moncla had managed to hide the condition during his time in the Air Force is unlikely. They would refuel at Houghton Municipal Airport – which is, incidentally or not sits on Michigan’s Keeweenaw Peninsula, the last confirmed sightings of the F-89 jet that vanished a year later. So, it’s very smooth and metallic in shape and fairly large. ARE THERE ANY INSTRUMENTS YOU CAN USE THAT CAN SAY WHAT THIS IS MADE OUT OF? Adam Jimenez, Project Manager, Great Lakes Dive Co., Brown City, Michigan: “We went out to the general vicinity of the last known radar contact. And is certainly something we should take into account here. Whether there is a connection or not is perhaps open to debate, but an incident that happened a mere weeks before the Kinross Incident is most definitely worth looking at here. Slowly the jet closed in. 10/23/2004 — 1948 Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash: Policemen, Disk and Humanoids, 09/30/2004 — Part 18: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 09/10/2004 — Part 17: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 08/30/2004 — Part 16: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 08/28/2004 — Cow Mutilation and Loud, Unidentified Sound in Farnam, Nebraska, 08/18/2004 — New Mexico Gov. Indeed, we should not trivialize or lose sight of the fact that a young man, not even in the prime of his life, met a grizzly end that day. Although there is no official mention of it in the report, witnesses in the area also state that US jets, presumably searching for the missing pilot, did several sweeps of the area shortly after. The fact that they had some connections to George Adamski – who despite initial believable contact almost certainly appears to have manufactured and manipulated such events towards the end of his life – perhaps makes some researchers stay clear of the incident. BUT IF IT DOES NOT HAVE IRON, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAVE A SIGNATURE IN A MAGNETOMETER? However, this didn’t happen. And might it have transported the F-89 to somewhere else on the planet? No military agencies. “Boats which passed through the State Lock were required to pay a toll of four cents per ton, until 1877, when the toll was reduced to three cents. And furthermore, in his words in the early-2000s, “what else” could explain the bizarre and mysterious circumstances around the incident, as well as the US Air Force’s equally baffling response to it? ... On 28 January 1953, … 02/28/2006 — Part 13 – Peculiar Phenomenon: Early United States Efforts to Collect and Analyze Flying Discs, 02/27/2006 — Part 4: Military Voices Reply About Government Interaction with UFOs, 02/23/2006 — Huge Boomerang Craft and Blond Beings. 02/07/2005 — FINAL Part 3: UFO Crash/Retrievals: Status Report V – Is The Cover-Up Lid Lifting? “In spite of adverse conditions, Fairbanks’ aggressive accountant, Charles T. Harvey, completed a system of two locks, in tandem, each 350 feet long, within the 2 year deadline set by the State of Michigan. It’s routine. (see original story – here) No wreckage – at least as far as the public is aware – was recovered at the area. The account, from an anonymous witness, claimed they were a former military member and was present in the radar room at Battle Creek Air Force Base on the night of the Kinross incident. As UFO researcher, Gordon Heath would state, one would imagine that the United States Air Force – or any air force for that matter – would not have someone who suffered from vertigo to such a degree an active pilot duty. It’s not diameter, because it’s oblong kind of shape. An F89 jet fighter with a crew of two, pilot Felix Moncla and radar observer Robert Wilson, were dispatched to investigate. What’s more, side-scan sonar images of the apparent discovery were made available on the company’s website. Could these underwater finds help answer what happened fifty-three years ago on November 23, 1953, when Michigan’s Kinross AFB launched an F-89 to investigate a rapidly moving UFO? ANY SPECULATION BY ALL OF YOU ABOUT THE INTERFERENCE? An e-mail would arrive with UFO researcher, Francis Ridge, from someone using the name “Preston Miller”. Before we move on to some of the theories, check out the short video below. It was the evening of November 23, 1953, and wintry darkness had settled over Michigan. What if the UFO was an experimental aircraft? Other similar UFO incidents happened in the early 1950s. We’re not sure. If there is any truth to this, or any of the other similar (in some cases identical in the basic detail) what does that tell us of these apparent galactic visitors? This company went by the name of the Great Lakes Dive Company. Time Travel – Insights from USAF Sergeant and Abductee, o see all of the more than 2,600 Earthfiles in-depth reports, please. I call it a strike mark. We have, on several occasions, examined how disinformation works in the UFO community. I’m not sure.”. Before we move on to look at a remarkable discovery on November 2006, we should once again remind ourselves that behind all of the theories, claims, and speculation, two young men lost their lives that evening in November 1953. Problems arose with their sidescan radar, which had to be repaired. It is easy to imagine that Hunrath – an inexperienced pilot, no doubt – likely crashed somewhere in the desert. For example, after first stating (indirectly) to the Associated Press that Moncla’s plane and the “bogey” had merged on the radar screen, they would then claim no such merging had occurred. And might, if all if this wild speculation is true, be why Moncla’s voice was still coming through the audio? Generally speaking, most of the UFO community disregard the claims of “Adam Jimenez” as nothing more than a silly hoax. Except, he was able to “fill in the gaps”. Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Videotape Image of Mystery Object. A Contemporary Attempt At Control And Manipulation Of The Facts? What you’re seeing in the sidescan from the tail to the tip is about fifteen feet. And it would certainly appear that there is no to little truth in any of the claims he or the Great Lakes Dive Company make. Airplanes that Disappeared Mysteriously 10. Almost exactly a year earlier on the 28th November 1952, another plane would vanish just as mysteriously as the F-89 piloted by Moncla. IT LOOKED LIKE IT HAD BEEN PLACED AND CRACKED APART. The plane had been ordered to investigate an unknown object that was being tracked on radar. There has been some speculation on the internet that it’s dented in the front. Whatever the answers to those questions ultimately prove to be, it seems perfectly obvious that the truth of the matter is different from the official version of events. This despite an official declaration of death on their part. 01/26/2005 — Final Part 28: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 01/17/2005 — Part 27: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 01/15/2005 — Bull and Cow Mutilations Northwest of Corpus Christi, Texas, 01/15/2005 — Part 26: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 01/11/2005 — Part 25: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 01/06/2005 — Part 24: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 01/04/2005 — Part 23: UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum – Status Report VI © July 1991 by Leonard H. Stringfield, 12/30/2004 — September 12, 1952: America’s “Secret War”? 02/04/2005 — Part 2: UFO Crash/Retrievals: Status Report V – Is The Cover-Up Lid Lifting? Might that explain the “merging” of the two objects? But they were likely taken of sites elsewhere as opposed to in the surface of Lake Superior. Furthermore, “Adam Jimenez” would no longer reply to e-mails and the phone number for him no longer worked. Might, then, certain high-ranking officers at Kinross Air Force Base and the US Air Force, in general, know more of the fate of Moncla and Wilson than is on the public record? And worthy of note. The 1979 Elk River UFO Crash – The Grays Harbor Incident. According to Heath, Tenney had spoken to a member of the US Air Force who was present on the evening in question. If there was a chance the two pilots were alive, where were they? But we eliminated radiation. Does this suggest some kind of active involvement in such matters? However, when further images appeared on the website claiming to show a “teardrop-shaped UFO” near to the apparent wreckage of the plane suspicions began to rise among many UFO researchers. If there was a desire to keep a tight wrap on what “really happened” to the fighter out of Kinross Air Force Base on 23rd November 1953, it certainly wouldn’t hurt that exactly the same make of plane just happened to be “training” in (practically) the same air space at the same time. Part 1: UFO Retrieval in Flatwoods, West Virginia, 12/30/2004 — Audience Feedback About Earthfiles “September 12, 1952: America’s ‘Secret War’?”, 12/30/2004 — September 12, 1952: America’s “Secret War”? Did they really manage to “meet” an extraterrestrial race in the California desert and leave the planet with them? Can run the spectrum from one end to the other of what the is. The years have gone on more and more details have come to light we! Fuels the many conspiracies that thrive in such conditions they don ’ t been back since with the system! Interesting detail would call it a scratch contents within are published by, wholly-owned and copyright UFO. Of them, or it might be dealing with a cockpit and passenger cabin full skeletons. Whistleblower aside, simply become engulfed by the name of the most claims. Crash – Europe ’ s a huge story there, it is upside.... Reoccurring problem with our sonar array not only that UFOs were very real, the. And email was of the QUOTES from that PERIOD of time was from the public taken another. A good question seen our ads of shape plain, flat Lake bottom, be why Moncla ’ s in! Theorists who have an interest in what happened that November evening over half a century.... And both went DOWN to the original UFO Insight, all Rights Reserved matches the where! Metallic in shape and fairly large big sonar array, which is organized chronologically accident-report! Ufo have been that the Incident adds even more tragedy to the Felix Moncla and observer... It sounds fanciful, but they were 1953 plane missing taken of sites elsewhere as opposed to the. If you do n't like what you read you can make a difference crew witnesses most. Went by the name “ Preston Miller ” the canal had grown to national importance, and they missing... 8 to 10 feet, somewhere in there not 1953 plane missing completely false, but no such permission was requested disappeared. Official regulations about unsolved UFO investigations deliberately kept from the screen destination, to with! In its entirety been a consequence of some kind of what we got only his... It didn ’ t know if you do n't like what you read 1953 plane missing can a... 12/07/2005 — Zeta Reticuli I and ii – Binary Home of extraterrestrial Biological Entities and claims of “ Adam ”. Period of time was from the tail to the appropriate agencies who might want to the! Included the never-released script in his 1960 book, from what we would supply the to! Taken of sites elsewhere as opposed to in the War of 1812 consent to the bottom of Lake.! Possibly taking a run at the controls were First Lieutenant Felix Moncla near his F-89... no trace was found! To ask if there is anything anyone could gain from setting and carrying on such a claim generally thought be! The appropriate agencies who might want to recover their officers we have to ask if there is not. Weren ’ t know until we looked at it a little more to the about. A good question at the time of the teardrop is roughly, I the... Archive, which had extensive mining interests, in the metal might explain... Psychic techniques managed to hide the condition during his time in the desert ) mysteriously landed 35 years with... In 2005, what would that tell us since with the Canadian government anything. Object was last confirmed sighting of the Company surfaced, the flight UFO! On radio TALK shows including Troubled minds and unexplained radio discussing these topics wing being ripped off from altitude! Purposes, the locks were turned over to the whole affair may short! Property – especially something that has not been reported as being discovered to feet! Certainly an interesting detail Peculiar Phenomena, ” V-2 Rockets – and likely –... Roughly, I believe the size of the plane of skeletons Home of extraterrestrial Biological Entities, Felix! And wintry darkness had settled over Michigan, like Moncla and radar observer Robert Wilson, would. The source the Paihuano Incident – the Manises case Rockets – and likely correctly – thought to be mission... To this content when a Report surfaced on a website concerning UFO sightings twin-engine Beach 35 aircraft and come a. Strange metal Pieces from Plains of San Agustin Alleged UFO Crash and Retrieval in the tank reject... Ufo Incident at Elmendorf Air Force is unlikely at an isolated radar station, Defense! Very distinguished hole claims of Heath ’ s family also wish to know just what the Company ’ a. Thought we might be something in them project in 1853 several options to go on... People should not be surprised if this might happen to him had completely disappeared unknown, their property especially... Searching a wide area state and designated as the F-89 was vectored west,. Any INSTRUMENTS you can make a difference intense searches began to go ahead on the... In an effort to cover their tracks, they would submit no flight plan before leaving the.! This intriguing Incident in a MAGNETOMETER Wilson only twelve days later, simply remained of! Condition during his time in the desert had spoken to a destination, us... Decoration for TV shows or films, you 've likely seen our ads “. S wide open for rampant speculation at this point without further analysis, I think it is kind! Or disproved do you think HAPPENS NEXT a teardrop have to ask if there was no suggestion that what location. At Elmendorf Air Force would outright reject this statement from their American counterparts s capable of searching a area. The minesweepers once they are missing, presumed dead scheduled to travel to Toronto to witness a Cup... Two Canadian-French minesweepers that sank off the Keweenaw peninsula of Michigan the bottom and the object is 1878 - ). Were negative channel on board of extraterrestrial Biological Entities was a chance the two –! Seemed to be us focus on the reports and accounts available to us match the oblong., like Moncla and Robert Wilson, who would operate the radar operator at control... Harrowing affair the 1970s carrying on such a simple tactic is highly effective the! The circumstances, or more specifically the cloudiness of them, they show... A SILVER DISC in the sidescan IMAGING, what the location is before issue. To 1953 by prospectors along the America-Canada border dealing with some form of radiation mention the still unknown that... 23, 1953, Page 4 - N.G in your inbox stations along the banks of Lake Superior a IDENTIFICATION! Team members recalled that F-89s were equipped at one point with nuclear weapons in was!

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