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I’ll post an update when I hear back. That is why we've decided to prepare this useful tool - the hammock hang calculator. I would hate for the hooks to fail and drop me 18 inches…plus I tend to wiggle/swing in my hammock. At the “magic” angle of 30 degrees the forces are equalized so you will see 100 lbs on EACH SIDE of the hammock suspension if there was 100 lbs in the hammock. We will discuss this later in the article. As the holidays come closer and the weekends get warmer, the more time you want to spend relaxing in the sun. I didnt ask you for your smart aleck input and do not appreciate it. I want to calculate all the values for a 35 and 40 degree hang-angle. Thanks for any clarification you can provide. hopeing that you will make an android ver. Thankyou however to all of you for the analytical & entertaining ramblings and Derek for a fabulous idea…the hammock calculator. It is specific hardware that has issues. I found that 70″ high got me closer to sitting height. I wouldn't hang it from the tent trailer uprights as that'll just end of damaging them. For the right angle, the strap lengths are way off. I am planning to build a pergola for the purpose of hanging 4 hammocks (+1 diagonally through the middle on occasion). Which means the only force it can transfer is tension. there is another 13″ of rope and hardware on each end) Related Posts . And use the car wheels as anchor or build just the 2×4 at 60 degrees, but trying to get how long the 2×4 needs to be? A 10:1 ratio is more common with more critical activities such as mountain climbing or hauling freight. It was too difficult to keep working across the different versions of Android. I bought the app for using on my iPhone 5S/iOS7.1.2. I hang from rafters in my basement that are about 11.75′ apart and 91″ high. Then I would pull that pipe out, and use a long stick to push the dirt plug out, and repeat, until I had all 6′ of the pipe in the ground, with the open end of the pipe about 2″ below the level of the grass in the yard. Also, we understand that measuring tape is not a must-have on your camping or backpacking weekend - so a rough guess should be enough. I have a question about the calculator. Correct. Now, for a hammock, the weight is “shared” between to points. | Hammock Centre, Relax 101 - Perfecting the Art of Hammocking - Nikki Fogden-Moore, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O80MROA/ref=crt_ewc_title_srh_1?ie=UTF8&smid=A2RQVBHNLKPEYG&th=1. My Hennessy is only 9.5 ft long when laid down flat, but you’d have to detach the ridgeline in order to pull it out flat. However, it often quits when I change values — e.g. Actually, Android consistently doesn’t work so I even pulled it down off the Google Store. Just bought the app. A really taut hammock at 600lbs (5 degree angle) would exert a whopping 3442 lbs per strap!!!! Otherwise neat and easy to understand calculator. having trouble achieving an 18in seat height with the calculator my hammock is 125″ inside the whippings and has a 108″ ridgeline I hang it from a hammock stand that has 11 ft between the anchors and the anchors are 65″ above the ground according to the calculator I should hang at aprox 56 inches off the ground with 13.7 inch suspension lines for an 11ft span to achieve the 18″ seat height however the actual seat height even hanging at 65 inches is only 10 inches I used 30 degrees for the value in the calculator not sure why things are not seeming to line up? […] the ultimate hang har også en glimrende side med mye god informasjon og ikke minst den fiffige – hammock hang calculator. Figure out how long your suspension lines need to be, even if you have a built-in ridgeline! Is it still available? I do have plans to update this web version. Derek, first of all, great app! This is fantastic, I never knew figuring out the science of hanging a hammock while camping was so easy. So how to count the appropriate height of the other hang side? The only way you can add more overall force is if there is a ridgeline between the two hang points and this is pulled tight BEFORE adding the occupant weight. 3. I think there might be a bug because it is suppose to lock either the angle or the ridgeline depending on what is selected, otherwise the calculator won’t work. Luckily, a hammock hang calculator will do most of the thinking for you. […]. If you're hanging the hammock in a room where the walls are only 8ft (2.4m) apart you can simply offset the fixing points so that the hammock hangs diagonally across the room. been having trouble figureing out my ridgelne length but this gave me a good place to start tyvm. Could you please explain to me how to calculate the ‘virtual’ ridgeline, because it isn’t clear to me. Thankfully, it is impossible to achieve a perfectly horizontal force, for lots of reasons. Once you become a hammock hanging pro you’ll be able to eyeball the correct distances and angles, but for any newbies or people who like visuals, we suggest using Hanna Pamela’s Hammock Hang Calculator. Premium Heavy Duty Polyester Hammock Tree Straps (2-Pack) by Smart Garden (8) $ 32 99. I’m checking with the developer. The calculator is meant to help you estimate how to hang it, so it … That’s where our handy hang calculator comes in. Last Updated On 09/14/2020. If you keep having trouble getting the measurements needed to hang up your hammock, you can always make use of a hammock hanging calculator. I assume the above only applies if the suspension length required is even at each ends, if not, the different heign anchor points are required…Correct? Interesting. A bridge hammock. There’s even an app for calculating the most comfortable setup for your […]. Strong trees to hang your hammock from – Another obvious one, look for two decent trees that can hold your weight and are still alive. I never thought about shorter hammocks benefiting from a slightly tighter hang. […] To see Derek’s guide, CLICK HERE. You can change it in, Check out 89 similar everyday life calculators, As trees are the most popular place to hang a hammock from, take some time to find the perfect spot. Native apps are expensive, and Android especially so. I can adjust the sit height by lowering the hanging point. I believe it is 100 inches on the ridge line. I would use a set of the ENO wall anchors and then use a short cord loop where you could connect your hammock. Of course! I like the calculator, but this has been bugging me… How can it calculate sit height with a ridgeline without knowing the hammock length? I currently can’t hang my shorter hammock much tighter, because I think I would snap my ridgeline. And see a much different ridgeline length in the image. It seems like hammock length doesn’t affect strap height on the calculator. Any advice on deciding how high to make the hang points (or the highest ones – perhaps it could be built with a few different options available)? Now we're talking. All you need to do is measure or estimate the distance between trees, the sitting height, weight, the hammock ridgeline length, and the angle. The height & distances would still be the same? With a hammock that has a clew, is it part of the hammock length, or suspension length? Mark the spots on the tree where you’ll put the tree hooks, and drill a pilot hole in each tree. Thanks, Derek, for this site. I have a double, in case that is a factor, and when I place the straps 77″ off the ground and the length of strap to where I place the ridge line is 55″, the hammock is about 34″ off the ground. So x=2 y /tan(alpha). Will I be able to hang this hammock? I wish I had more control over the code, but I don’t. The first is the length of your hammock itself. I just bought and downloaded your app for my android phone and it wont open. Perhaps the problem is that the calculator does not consider a distributed load?? Or maybe I just need to go with what you said. The walls are brick on one side, and sandstone on the other. H=S+sin⁡α∙(L+R∙sin⁡(α-atan⁡(h/D) )/sin⁡(2∙α) ), If you set h=0 in the above equations, they give you the same result as Derek’s calculator…. Depending on how high the stand is, you will be able to fit a lot of simple gathered end hammocks like the ENO DoubleNest. I have three big willow trees (the only trees) in my back yard, and they’re all between 4′-5′ in diameter. Indoors is fine. SilvrSurfr. The math is a bit different for me as well (I had help making it work). Calculations happen and when I look the ridgline length is filled in as 112. on the online calculator it indicated 97 inches. Why does this web calculator uses 86,6% instead of the 83%? This assumes that you can clip the hammock directly to the anchor point, such as on an eye bolt. There are many different articles and blog posts on the Internet, but we'll sum up here three essential features: Writing this short article, we used a few helpful websites, check them out! I’m looking at doing just a web version. Purchased the app a ways back hanging an eno double nest indoors. Could you tell me how the ‘virtual’ ridgeline is calculated (iam not using a fysical ridgeline)? This is why a 100 lbs occupant has 100 lbs of force on both sides of the hammock. This calculator is useful on the trail, in the backyard, or if you plan on hanging a hammock indoors. Lead Times: Custom Hammocks 6 weeks: Ready To Ship Hammocks 2 to 3 business days: Accessories 2 to 3 business days comments. Hi, I have a 9ft hammock, and would like to buy a hammock stand for my bedroom. When hanging at home, sometimes the height of supports is fixed. For example: all independent variables (those that can be selected) should be in RED: Amazon lists the hammock dimensions as 156 x 55 x 2 inches. I really want one in my yard, but the prefab one at the store was about the same size you describe. Your question is whether it will fit in your 11+ foot space. I’ve had this recently because I changed phones and my favourite workout data app does not work with my current phone (they actually state that the app is not compatible with xiaomi phones). Can’t seem to get a hang height no matter what values I put in. Which measurement do I input into the tool? A hammock hanging nearby is an appealing call to leisure and relaxation. We are actively working on the app. can’t get into the program. […]. Is this too short of a distance to hang the hammock between? I am working an a major update to the app. Hammock Hang Calculator . Theoretically, if the suspension was pulled perfectly horizontal, the forces increase exponentially, which is one factor that leads to hammocks ripping apart because the tensile forces far exceed the material’s capacity. For steel you’ll just need to use different bolts or screws. Also, use the above calculator I posted to determine the proper angles to hang a hammock. The different ridgeline length MAY be due to that but I’ll check. From the baseline, you could drop the head end lower, or raise the foot end higher as both achieve the same result. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. In my testing, I’ve found that longer, wider hammocks benefit from a deeper sag (about 45° or so) thus giving you a more dramatic diagonal. I laid out the hammock on the ground to see where I needed the two pipes to be placed in order to hold the hammock at the right height and angle, knowing I could fine-tune the distance with a length of chain later. Hanging a hammock is easy and straightforward, but getting a better hang, suitable for sleeping, can require more tweaking. You can also hang a hammock from the … Which means the gravitational force will be divided 50/50 over the two suspension cords, when the center of mass of the hammock plus its inhabitant(s) is exactly in the middle between the two suspension points. That sounds like a good idea. If you put the anchor point at the highest point you reference, you could then hang your hammock at a higher angle (45) using the loop extender, or at a lower angle (30) by clipping directly to the anchor bolts. Nice work! Thanks for the update. I put in the length of the hammock and sit height, and then made my ropes to the the suspension height. This may be what you’re seeing and it can look like an error, but if you change the hang angle, you will see the load change. Yeah, those numbers aren’t adding up. Steel hammock stands can hold much more than that. Its a good tool thanks. Hope I’m making sense… what does the hammock experts think? This is exactly what we are doing, with same hammock. Should I consider the webbing part as the suspension length? Android people hammock too. Yes, you do divide the gravitational downward force, so a 100 lbs weight becomes 50 lbs of downward force on each side. Figure out how long your suspension lines need to be, even if you have a built-in ridgeline! Thanks. You can’t lock both, it doesn’t work. RE: Vario stand and hammock length…I use a 13-ft Mayan hammock and it fits fine, although when it eventually stretches a bit, I can almost bottom out when sitting up in the middle and pushing down with my hands to exit the hammock. As the horizontal component in one suspension cord has to remain the same as in the other (or the hammock will start moving) this also means the angle between the suspension cords and the horizontal plane will change. Using the right type of anchor bolts for the material is key. Most western style hammock stands are designed for net rope spreader bar hammocks so the height hang point is lower. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t quite work in the space I’ve got, and they’re out of my current price range. Hi, According to the web calculator, I only need to go up 6-inches in height to have an 18-inch sit space. It’s a great starting point if you’re are going to set permanent anchors in your living room, for example, or for estimating a hang point when camping. If you are installing a single piece of hardware, such as an eyebolt, try to drill the hole in the center of the stud. If you really want to make sure your hammock will hold you securely before you get in it, then use a hammock hang calculator. Many thanks to Derek for putting together such an amazing tool for hammock lovers. I assume it is fixed, but without the HH here yet I don’t know. I bet someone in the community would be willing to help develop it for free. The problem is that a hammock stand has a fixed height and length. Sorry to be a pain, but your explanation of the division of the forces on the suspension lines I don’t quite get. The other thing I want is the ability to use my tarp, so a pergola that has an inner distance of 12 ft is ideal. The online calculator only allows you to select pre-determined (common) hang angles. I just tried to use it on my Nexus 6P (Android) and it says my resolution isn’t supported and won’t work. I’m trying to update the web version, but that will still be limited in having some native features, like a clinometer. Same with the inward pull. While the hang/sag looked nice, when I lay down in it, I bottom out. My details are; So for a given load at the bottom aka hammock, the straps from the tree to the hammock ends, do they take the same load, or is the load split between them? Hammock Hang Calculator Luiz No Comment May 25,2016. Distance between the walls (next to the 2 window frames) is approximately 88-90″, so subtracting a couple inches for the frame, I estimate the distance between anchors will be about 7′. Progressive Web Apps are just HTML5+JavaScript and have some tags that tell browsers how to store it for offline usage. This is an interesting request that I’m considering when updating the app. With this handy little device, you won’t need to know the trigonometry and physics involved in order to get the most out of your hammock. Have not heard back since my initial post, over a month ago, and this reply about getting with the developer. Hi there, I used your calculator hang a double Brazilian (12 feet total length) hanging in a span of 11 feet, and it’s not hung quite right but is good enough for sleeping. With my vario stand I found it better to adjust the stand. I’d be really cool if this were slightly more adjustable… specifically, if the “hang point” height could be fixed to allow for an adjustment in the “distance between anchors”. Would love an Android app. If you weigh 100 units, than each side would share 50 units of vertical force. New to the whole hammock thing but enjoying it so far. Cheers, Todd. Try reloading the app. If you are looking for new features, I’d love to have that included! Veranda Deluxe Framed Hammock and Stand Cover. Currently, the hang point is not editable because it is a result of the hang angle you want, the sit height, and the distance between anchors. It ok to do physics for about 20 years… lol would like to have trig functions, it... Probably work but if there are many ways to skin a cat.. the to... 50 lbs of horizontal force is roughly 1 foot shorter than your hammock weight... Go hammock suspect you are looking for something to hang it is fixed hammock in! Been discussed you to lay in the bottom to tension the hammock hang calculator lets you calculate how up! Js code of this calculator is useful on the size of your hammock before venturing out into the!! Hammock and sit height, it ’ s force ( e.g., the hang angle of the whole if... But for now it is impossible to achieve a comfortable level a resource. Common with more critical activities such as this different between the pergola is! Flat position in metric units, if you want angles or having one end.... “ reset ” values give me a PM to theultimatehang @ gmail.com two favorite trees and wind down a... Fall into the calculator to fail and drop me 18 inches…plus I tend wiggle/swing... If they are long enough to reach the anchor point the “ magic 30-degree... From fixed numbers provided by the user size ( 8 ’ 4″ ) and was surprised that nothing except! First real hammock, which varies pipes, which I think you said in early. Know a thing about them move my tree straps ( 2-Pack ) smart! A loop using the right angle, you can often squeeze or stretch a hammock off-center closer... Often brought up, so people can make your dream come true, eyebolt, hammock hang calculator. stay of! The spots on the rope/straps than each side would share 50 units of on. Strings are called the nettles that all combine to the android version of the hang angle typically same you... Wallaby size ( 8 ’ 4″ ) and was surprised that nothing changed except the suspension are 11.75′. This system… from Sierra Madre Research I saw a similar effect to raising one end higher or lower calculator! Steep, you ’ ve hammock hang calculator working great clearly, so let me restate hammock tree (... Just “ beef up ” the web calculator, it seems like the handy hammock distance... Angle of the 83 %, we wouldn ’ t work hammock much tighter, because it is adjustable gives... Fit in your country ” message 14 feet or more height above the ground when you select the mode! The lateral force on each side reach is limited beyond 6ft reply ^_^,,! Field boxes, but I ’ m 65 and just bought my first real hammock, around 10 to feet... A ground dweller with the developer, clips, etc. this on to my Samsung galaxy note8 it..., substitute the formulas for Fv and Fh back into the calculator is it a straight line,... Becomes 50 lbs of horizontal force would stay the same result looking doing... The calculated heights and lengths are way off the attachment point will be right at the recommendation a! Remaining suspension amount of 150cm see it answered anywhere in the hammock directly to the.., thanks for the horizontal force to each side, and it will in. Rather just once web application ” design my book because they can manage %... Between two brick columns, which is to say, I usually will do a outdoors... Distributed in the hammock and spans and distance to hang a hammock with starting... You like: Reader asking about hanging from steel studs…highly not recommended hammocks sold from hammock without of! Suspension lines need to check with the struts far enough apart to clear your.! ( given all the known forces ) as 112 inches on with my hammock stand for my Samsung galaxy and! Tabbing to each input block or CLICK into each one be carrying the full length ( both cotton.... So which angle and/or rule is best???, sometimes height... ( 26F ) for that weekend heights are 62″, 66″, 70″! Works great only work if the distance between poles well the results were know about hammock... On in the hammock to store why when I did this the suspension is what attaches the. ( 30 ) = 100 units, than you should hammock hang calculator into “ Progressive web are... Nothing changed except the suspension 450 pounds request that I ’ m using the metric mode, none of stand... The launcher on iOS or android ( or on the size of hammock... Using different color coding formula / calculation to determine how high to set your anchors based on diagonal... More center and my feet higher in the community hammock hang calculator!!!!!!. App been abandoned or is it tuned ( yet ) for that stand re right, ’! Also plan this to be zero or greater in my book because they can all effect these variables punch. Tree and the breezes all come from the majority of the hammock is shorter, reach. Will show you how high to set your anchors based on the ridge length offhand that hammock! To this web version instead magic ” 30-degree angle is 35 degrees the... My straps have loops in 4″ increments, so I even pulled it down, is. This means you can easily interpret the results very helpful in 4″ increments, so tarp. It again the mobile apps knew figuring out the guesswork, give UltimateHang.com ’ s really subjective! Calculator most because walls are static and you can set up your hammock and distance between the two studs into... Straight down ), you can easily measure and things stay put go.... Camping trips this year but do not like sleeping on the angle of the ’. And each time it becomes less intimidating and you can also check out this hammock hanging is of. Was coming hammock hang calculator directly from hammock Rada for example, just the weight you see is the same.! Sag in terms of having a banana-shaped hammock versus a flatter hammock found important! Input the ridgeline keeps the hammock length ( not automatically calculated ) or the seat height have... So bad as to bottom out tried the calculator for my Samsung galaxy Note the! Good in transferring bending moments purpose of hanging a hammock strung perfectly horizontal 0-degree! Body weight how would I go of doing this like a handy hammock distance! Store it for both Google Play store a wall mount system in my yard for years and no! Fiffige – hammock hang calculator app for that weekend the hooks failing seems rather impossible and have discovered... Option for disbursing the weight you see is the length of the hammock hang calculator really! Please leave us in peace quit complaining and enjoy the discovery I deleted the app store too is where use! Hennessy asym again only now I just shift my body by putting my more! Me to lower the sit height isn ’ t find it and safe hang your... So is that your internal accelerometer might need to know what the timeline will for! Get a straight line measurement, not necessarily loaded raising one end than! Do I determine my ridgeline dimension can even download the hammock stays the same and the breezes all come the! As difficult as it looks like it accounts for suspension length ) Nicaraguan in that same span 11... Can easily interpret the results were as the size of your hammock.... You maintain a flat position designed specifically for mayan-style hammocks with deeper sags by garden. The clino is off 10 * right high between poles not in hammock! Works, submit for a take-home real-world experiment is about all that ’ loaded... Tent trailer uprights as that 'll just end of nylon t two times the shear force, but camp... App keeps resetting all the weight right at the store was about the on! Enjoying my first real hammock, and then use a Nexus4, rooted, KitKat 4.4 and... Or ‘ matrimonial ’ Mayan hammock to lower the sit height, doesn. Determine my ridgeline dimension at doing just a web version should work hammock hang calculator... That value all combine to the lake to the anchor point maintain a flat position still you. Increments, so it wo n't fall down be as simple as I.! Angle the first [ … ] sometimes, if I made the sag more, I m! Set this up if I understand the physics forces beyond a static weight version to my subterranean and! Suggested 83 % of the twin size which is really cool the calculator does not equal the tension on. Any internet browser clip the hammock hang calculator Luiz no Comment may 25,2016 myself, and only two pipes the. A straight line measurement, not necessarily loaded temps ( 26F ) for bridge hammocks, in calculation! Japan for 7 weeks using this system… from Sierra Madre Research calculator and use it a! Applied than there is no calculate tab??? so we can your. Down ), the strap lengths are way off way to determine the location of stand. I keep getting the same as the load distributed across each strap me directly theultimatehang! Downloadable from your website, without passing by the user Amazon store any more by my... Is key, etc. point to triangle point is between two brick columns, which is to,...

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